BOJOLA country - Tuscan cow-hide boutique in Florentine Chianti



The "Bojola Country" Boutique, inaugurated in 2012, was born with the intention of offering only hand-crafted goods manufactured in Tuscany and created using just natural materials, such as pure cotton cloth and vegetal tanned leather produced in tuscan tanneries.

Our offers are based upon a wide range of cowhide belts for leisure wear, many lines of bags in soft, washable or aged leather, made in our laboratories in Florence, purses in soft and colored calf leather, often matched with our belts and also made in the area of Florence.

In addition to this, we offer a wide range of wallets, accessories and a large collection of metal or leather bracelets.

We also offer handcrafted umbrellas with wooden tubes, included the traditional tuscan country umbrella in heavy green cotton, florentine straw hats or in jolly fabrics, scarves and stoles crafted with stylish and sporty-patterned light cotton.

Goods on sale are exclusively high quality and hand-crafted, produced in Florence surroundings and made with natural, best quality materials coming from Tuscany: leather from tanneries in S. Croce sull'Arno, fabrics from weaving factories in Prato and Campi Bisenzio, metal accessories from fusion laboratories in Scandicci and Mugello.

All goods on sale have exclusive design and are produced in limited quantities; they are mid-priced products and highly value-for-money items, created for people who choose leather accessories according to their own liking and where trademark is a synonym of quality. We promote only goods hand-crafted according to the best tuscan traditions dedicated to peolple who are able to appreciate them and understand their value.

Interno Boutique

The main types of leathers we use are the following:

-Vegetal tanned tuscan cowhide is mainly used for belts and thick items;

-"Volanata" cowhide, or light greased cowhide treated in barrel is mainly used for mid-soft products like wallets, purses, briefcases and more refined items;

-Vegetal tanned and greased calf leather is used for soft, durable and washable bags;

-Soft and colored calf leather is used for trendy purses and sashes.

Banco Lavoro

In our workbench corner our vast collection of over a hundred buckles is displayed: it is possible to choose one amongst the standard-sized ones and request its assembling on a cowhide band. This operation can be carried out immediately or commissioned for the following day.